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WordPress 2.8.1 Error – Call to undefined function: _deep_replace()

Problem: When trying to login to the admin section of word press the following error message appears Fatal error: Call to undefined function: _deep_replace() in /home/yoursiterooddir/ on line 884 If you are in fact able to see the login screen and try to login, the above message will appear.  If you go back to […]

Image Naming – DAM

In this installment I will guide you through naming your image files.  First for the convention, I prefer the following for my image files.  Please remember this is my recommendation. My convention is as follows: YYYYMMDD_INITIALS_MASTERFILENAME.EXT 20090604_JST_0234.jpg I use a MAC and use the Aperture.  Aperture is a pro application that assists me with DAM. […]

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

It’s Saturday and you just purchased that awesome digital camera and bought the one with the most mega-pixels.  You attended a family function and shot a few hundred pics.   You go home after the event and dump the pictures onto your computer, clear your memory card and go to bed.  The next morning, you get […]