Google Voice

What is Google Voice?

In a nutshell, imagine a phone number that can remain a constant in your life. Imagine not having to worry about paying 40-50 bucks every time you change carriers. Imagine having the ability to route all your calls from friends, family and colleagues to different phone numbers at the same time. Change jobs, no problem.

Google voice allows you to give your phone number out and have confidence that no matter what and where you end up, you can be reached.

In an environment where phone service is all eventually going to be VOIP or CELL, and companies like Cablevision, Comcast, Verizon… are all trying to outsell each other, now you don’t have to worry about your number changing so you can save a few bucks.

How does it work? Receiving phone calls…

When a person calls your google phone number, they are automatically forwarded to the number you have chosen. Example: I have mine set to automatically forward to my cell phone. Friend dials my google numberand my Cell rings. Pretty cool. I can have it ring my home number. or even my work number.

Making phone calls…
To make a phone call, you login to google voice “online”, click co your contact list. Select the number your want to dial by clicking it. My Cell phone will ring and then the number I selected will start ringing. Since this is a new service that is still in beta, it is only a matter of time before google releases apps for iPhone and blackeberry, your computer, etc… To make dialing easier. There is already two apps by a third party for the iPhone. 1 free and 1 like 3 bucks. I am personally waiting for google to release one.

How did I get invited?
I signed up weeks, if not months ago, as soon as I heard about the beta that was coming. I finally received my invite this week. Set up my number. Got to choose from an Oakland, Wycoff or Ridgewood, NJ number. So far the service is very interesting. I like the SMS feature. Especially since you have visibility in to past messages sent. You can keep or delete them. Same thing goes for voicemail.

In tests with a colleague of mine the call screening feature is a nice addition to what seems to been a pretty standard set of features.

Call screening will announce the callers name and allow you to accept or reject the call. It can be sent right to voicemail.

You can send anyone to voicemail by default. Let’s say you have someone that is calling too much. You can have them go to voicemail and get a custom message. This is as far as I have gotten in a few short days. I will write more about it soon…JT

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